Katie Eleanor was born in 1993 and has grown up forever wanting to create dreamscapes; she is based in London, and is currently reading for a degree in BA(hons) Photographic Arts at Westminster University.

Katie is also a member of World Wide Women, an international art collective.

The Few and Far Between -  at The Rag Factory, London, 2011
A New Monarchy - (solo) at SPACED, London, 2013 
Diamonds From Dust, by Yelena Buck - Norwich, 2013 

Twenty Thirteen - at Doomed gallery, London, 2013

Mother, by Peachy 'n' Keen - at Doomed gallery, London 2014

Self and the Other - (co-curated) at The Rag Factory, London 2014

'Ex Nihilo', Out Of Nothing - at Notting Hill Arts Club, London 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, by Peachy and Keen x Unveil'd - at Edwardian Cloakrooms, Bristol 2014

GIRLS, by Peachy and Keen - at Doomed Gallery, London 2014

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Cooler magazine, KNEON magazine, Contributor magazine, Prototype magazine, Ballad of... magazine, SYN magazine, Atlas magazine, Noctis magazine, Rochester Picture Palace, Peachy 'n' Keen

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